Crisis Training Software

Create immersive, realistic exercises (and it's ISO 22398 compliant).

Inspire & Excite

TeamXp provides learners and audiences with a unique first-person view of an unfolding interactive narrative. Players make decisions via a secure web application in experiences that are either (a) self-paced and full-automated or (b) facilitator-led with a human-in-the-loop.

What do players do?

Players log into the TeamXp secure web application and interact with scripted/automated personas who demand that players make decisions. Player decisions drive the scenario forward, showing the consequences of the player's choices.

In self-paced automated exercises, interaction data can be downloaded for assessment or in facilitator-led exercises, moderators send injects and see player interaction data in real-time.

Three components

Scenario Editor - build exercises in minutes

Save time and energy. Easily share scenarios throughout the organization and throughout the world to run locally or across global locations. Easily copy-and-tweak/customize scenarios for different clients or purposes.


Immersive and Realistic Simulations

Massive engagement comes from relevant, goal-oriented, interactive scenarios that YOU can build yourself with Conducttr’s TeamXp service. Exercises can be facilitator-led for teams with role-specific injects or single-player exercises for thousands of staff located across globe. Easily convert your existing Powerpoint exercises to become up-to-date interactive experiences.

Increased productivity and efficiency

With TeamXp running the crisis simulation, moderators are free to spend time with trainees rather than wrangling paper. And with real-time data your after-action reviews can be immediately after the exercise.

Nothing to install

For trainees there’s no software to download or apps to install, nobody is locked to a desk or location. Every client gets a unique Internet URL which is used by the moderator and trainees to access their scenarios in a secure closed environment that runs in any HTML5 browser like Chrome.

See the results in real time

You decide which data to send to the moderator in real time as trainees take action and see the results as a pie chart, on a timeline and for open text responses as messages in an exercise control feed.

Sell what you build

Scenarios are saved in libraries which can be easily shared or sold.

We can help

We know storytellers, developers, experts in social media, public relations and team dynamics. If you'd like us to own your problem and deliver an end-to-end solution then drop us a line

Trial Period

The trial period is unlimited until such time as we decide you really ought to start paying to use it. Only paid accounts are licensed for commercial use. Contact us if you wish to use for an internal demonstration or to discuss purchase options.

Expiry & Termination

Please contact or call:

USA +1 415 287 4150

RoW +44 207 193 4567


Many people in your organization and outside can use the scenario editor to create and share scenarios but only one person is authorized to upload scenarios. To run more than one scenario simultaneously requires the purchase of additional client spaces.

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